One Trinity
Broad Chare
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Telephone: 0191 500 0777 
Facsimile: 0191 232 8643 
DX: 61005 Newcastle upon Tyne

North Yorkshire

4 Aske Stables 
North Yorkshire 
DL10 5HG

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Telephone: 01748 900 888 
Facsimile: 01748 821 108 
DX: 65050 Richmond North Yorks

Key contacts
Margaret Simpson
Ian Kennerley
Kim Fellowes
Wayne Lynn

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"At all times, my expectations were managed and insightful advice was provided in a calm and collected manner enabling me to rise above the inflammatory rhetoric of the other side."
PLC Director
"I am incredibly lucky to have had Silk Family Law. I just can't thank Joanne and Ian enough for all their kindness, help and support for me to get to this point. Joanne guided me through unchartered territory with compassion and humility, and I will always be thankful. The service was outstanding and faultless. Complete professionalism."
Silk Family Law client