Inheritance claims

Our specialist team has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in advising on claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975.   
Whilst individuals have a right to choose who to leave their assets to on death, the law also provides a level protection for dependents. A claim can be brought if a person has died and has failed to make reasonable financial provision for a dependent.  
Claims may be made on the death of a parent, a spouse or former spouse, civil partner or former civil partner or if a person is considered financially dependent. We can advise in detail on the criteria which applies. Our experience includes the successful representation of the estate, dependents and third parties.
Our team recognise that these cases are particularly sensitive and can involve complex assets and family arrangements. Our in-house counsel Ian Kennerley can advise at an early stage to avoid court where possible. We will advise you when a court application is required and have successfully obtained costs orders against the other party when appropriate.