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"We are so impressed with the quality of the work that they carry out and the service they deliver; they are always the first people we think of when looking to make an introduction. Further to that, the clients we have sent to them have given us great feedback.  
The benefits of dealing with a specialist like Silk is that they understand every aspect of what they do to a much greater extent. Their technical ability is well ahead of their competitors. We deal in pensions and it is rare to see a solicitor that understands pensions as well as Silk do. This is one of the many reasons we are confident when sending our valued clients to them. 
We have introduced them to other legal connections who don’t specialise in family law. They have used them and given us good feedback. It speaks volumes, when your fellow professionals respect you as well as use you for your services."
Ian Little
Wade Financial
"The 'excellent' Silk Family Law has a growing client base across the North West and London, as well as in the North East."
Legal 500