8.10 – I leave my house for the daily office commute. I live a half-hour walk away from the office so I tend to listen to a podcast such as ‘The Hearing’ and ‘Law in Action’ which helps me stay up to date in all areas of law, not just the area I work in.

8.45 – I arrive at the office and log onto my computer. I arrive a bit earlier than needed, to make sure I’m not rushed and have enough time to set up my desk, make a coffee and look at my to-do list.

8.55 – I start responding to emails and log into our database that holds all my client files and allows me to record my time.

9.00- I prioritise my tasks for the day. At the moment, I’m assisting our firm’s Partner, Wayne Lynn and Solicitor, Eleanor Lowes on their files. If I have any additional capacity for the day, I let others know – both in and out of the office – that I can be of assistance.

10.30 – On a day-to-day basis, assisting a legal family team means drafting letters, making phone calls to chambers and clients, drafting court forms and preparing bundles.

13.00 – Law Firms are fast-paced and sometimes you may forget to let yourself have a break. Here at Silk, you are always encouraged to have a break and to go and get some fresh air before getting back into work. So, this is the time I take my lunch.

14.00- I often have meetings with either Ellie or Wayne with new or existing clients and it is my role to take notes of what has been said at the meeting. If the meeting is with a new client, I will often prepare a letter of engagement to introduce the firm to the client.

16.00- By this time, I will have ticked off a substantial part of my to-do list and will be looking at doing the less urgent tasks.

16.30 – I use this last half hour of the working day to make sure I have responded to all emails and make a to-do list for the next day. If the solicitors that I assist have enough time, I will often have a brief chat with them to go over the tasks I completed throughout the day to find out if there is anything else I could be assisting them with tomorrow.

17.00 – I finish work for the day and head back home!