In the second of our daily blogs for Good Divorce Week this week, and as part of our ‘5 steps to a good divorce’, Katie Machin highlights why it is important to seek early advice when a marriage breaks down…

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TUESDAY | Take Early Advice And Consider Mediation

In the early aftermath of a separation, there are often miscommunication and misunderstandings between separating parties as to their rights and entitlements on a separation. These early decisions can have a lasting effect upon the parties’ longer-term positions and the eventual outcome, so it is important to take early advice. Emotions often run high, and it is recommended to both to take early legal advice from someone totally impartial.

Where there is a healthy dynamic between separating parties, direct discussions between them to resolve matters are usually to be encouraged. However, it is still important to take legal advice as part of this, so they can advise you as to the likely outcomes of taking this approach, or the impact if the matter were to be determined by the Family Court. This is important, so that you do not reach a settlement with your spouse that may be insufficient for your needs. A solicitor can advise you as to all available options for resolving a dispute and will take into consideration your objectives at all stages.

Lawyers can also appoint mediators to facilitate these discussions, guiding you and avoiding often lengthy and costly legal battles.

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