The new kid on the block


Jill Clattenburg

Job title?

Operational and Facilities Manager

What does your role at Silk Family Law involve?

I am responsible for all aspects of day-to-day operations at the firm including IT support, FM and HR operations. I also assist Joanne with Finance and Administrative support across the firm and organise all staff events.

What did you do before you joined the team?

When I first left school I did an apprenticeship in hairdressing but since then I have always worked in a finance background for various organisations.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love how diverse it is and no two days are the same.

What do you most like about working at Silk Family Law?

The team I work with.

What else would you like to be doing if you weren’t doing this role?

My dream for a lot of years was to be a police officer as I always wanted to work as a traffic police officer.

What is your perfect day away from the office?

Spending time with my family and friends. I love going for walks and going for food.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Probably pass! But after I recovered, I would have a few weeks out on a beach somewhere and take all my family and friends.

Who would you most like to have a drink with and why?

My Dad, sadly he passed away when I was 16 years old and never had that chance to go and have a drink with him.