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How much will my divorce cost?

All divorces incur a fixed court fee of £550, which cover the filing of a divorce petition and the applications for the decree nisi and the final decree absolute. Many divorce cases will also require the services of a lawyer to negotiate the split of financial assets and arrangements for the children. The costs of using/instructing a specialist divorce firm such as Silk Law Firm will depend on a number of issues, including:

  • Whether both parties want to take a non-confrontational approach and avoid court proceedings
  • If both share the same views on sharing assets and agreeing arrangements for any children 
  • The extent of assets, including the family home, savings and pensions
  • The complexity of financial assets, for example if there is a family business, land, farm, complicated pensions or multiple properties
  • If there is an international element as this may require divorce papers to be served in two countries, and advice from lawyers in another jurisdiction.  

At the first meeting with one of our lawyers we provide an estimate of charges for the initial work and an assessment of what it will cost to finalise a divorce. At every relevant stage in the process we provide an up to date estimate of the predicted costs of the case. 

If financial matters can be agreed we can assist in obtaining an order from the court without the need to attend court.

How we charge for our services

We charge by the hour – and bill monthly - for a service that is bespoke to each client. 

We have lawyers at every level, from legal assistants to senior solicitors and our own in-house barrister. This allows us to offer “blended rates” which provide clients with the best value.  Blended rates mean we use the most appropriate level of legal expertise to undertake specific work. For example, certain paperwork can be completed by a more junior team member, whereas a complex financial or children matter will require a senior lawyer.  

We may be able to undertake some work, such as undefended divorce or Nuptial Agreements, on a fixed fee basis. Where a case is likely to be contentious or complicated, we cannot offer clients a fixed fee. However, in every case we break work down into phases and provide a clear, realistic estimate for that part of the work.  We provide another estimate when know what the next steps will be.  

See How to fund divorce for how to pay for a divorce.

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