Silk Family Law has continued to act for individuals meeting the challenges of separation and divorce throughout the pandemic.

Following the government’s latest announcement on 22 September 2020, we can confirm that the Silk Family Law offices in Newcastle and Aske will remain open so that we can support our clients through face to face meetings and being present for remote hearings.

We have invested in additional screening, PPE and devised an effective protocol to provide, not only a safe place of work, but also safe systems of working in our offices.

Our full plan for safe working is detailed below and we ask that all visitors read this page in full and complete the health and safety form before attending our offices.


Silk Family Law offices

Our offices are currently open, with staff numbers onsite limited via a rota and flexible working system in order to maintain social distancing.

We are following the latest government advice on face coverings. Since 8th August 2020, it has been a legal requirement that members of the public wear face coverings at premises providing professional services, legal or financial services. 

All visits to one of our offices should be pre-booked in advance and all visitors are required to complete an assessment form beforehand (link below) to confirm they are safe to attend and will comply with all the relevant COVID19 safety guidance below.

Our offices have all been deep cleaned before opening, and specific guidance for each office will be issued to visitors upon booking an appointment.

Before attending any of our offices, we ask that all visitors please:

  • Read and follow the advice below AND
  • Complete the following online form: 

Visitor Health & Safety Declaration Form


COVID19 Health & Safety requirements for all office-based meetings

For the safety of all our staff and visitors, all office visitors are required to read and agree to the following before attending an office-based meeting/court hearing:

  1. Visitor Health & Safety Declaration – Prior to attending, all visitors should complete this online form to ensure we can manage the risk of transmission.
  2. Social distancing – All meeting attendees should maintain a 2m separation where possible or 1m with face coverings being worn. Each of the large meeting rooms can accommodate up to three people whilst maintaining social distancing, the smaller rooms are limited to two people.
  3. General COVID19 Health & Safety Information – All visitors should read the information detailed below in full before attending a meeting and will be asked to confirm they have done so in the online declaration.


General COVID19 Health & Safety information

General information

The Courts are still working with electronic files and Silk is has been fully set up for electronic and remote working since the start of lockdown. We are limiting the passing of files and papers where possible, and using personal protection equipment (PPE) where appropriate. We politely ask visitors to do the same.

All our clients will be offered a virtual meeting via Zoom or Microsoft Teams in the first instance, but we are happy to accommodate those who prefer to meet face-to-face.

All staff and visitors are asked to follow guidelines around regularly hand washing. Antibacterial handwash and paper towels are available in all the bathrooms at Aske and Newcastle.

A separate company manages the Leeds office building, so please speak to your Silk contact regarding the procedures for Leeds meetings.

Before your meeting

Prior to each meeting, visitors are required to read the information on this website page in full, and complete the online declaration form.

Prior to your arrival, the meeting room will have been sanitised and we will set a place in the room for each attendee including cold refreshments (bottled water) and a notepad and pen. These are for your use only and Silk staff will bring their own separate stationery. Social distancing rules will apply and where a distance of 2 m cannot be maintained face coverings will be worn.

What to expect when you arrive

At the entrance doors of our Newcastle and Aske offices, there will be a supply of hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray/wipes, gloves and disposable face masks available for visitor use. There will be a sign giving you guidance and inviting you to use the PPE prior to pushing the entrance keypad and entering the offices: please comply fully with these requests.

Staff have their own personal supplies of hand sanitiser, disposable face masks and gloves and will be using them where appropriate.

Upon arrival, please ring the bell; the door will open electronically and you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area.

There will be a further supply of hand sanitiser in each waiting area and in each meeting room.

You will be met by a member of the Silk Family Law team, who will be wearing a face mask to greet you. If you prefer a hot drink, please let them know and we can arrange that for you. All hot drinks will be made by a staff member who is wearing gloves and a face mask. The team member you are meeting will then accompany you to the meeting room. Guidance will be provided as to your use of the bathroom facilities.

After your meeting

If you use the pen supplied during the meeting, we request that you take it home with you along with any sheets you have used from the notepad. All unused notepad sheets will be taken away and placed in a “holding” box after every meeting. Each pad will not be used again for at least 72 hours.

If you or anyone you have been in contact with tests positive for COVID19 or displays symptoms in the 14 days following your meeting, please notify us IMMEDIATELY so we can take appropriate action to protect anyone who came into contact with you at our offices.

We thank you for your cooperation during this time, which will enable all our staff and visitors to remain safe and well.


Contact us and stay in touch

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