Good Divorce Week (30 November – 4 December 2020) promotes the importance of reducing conflict and putting children first during divorce or separation. This annual initiative was established by the UK-wide membership organisation, Resolution, which brings together professionals working with families and individuals to resolve issues constructively and non-confrontationally.

As family lawyers, we are seeing relationships fractured by lockdown and the economic effects of Covid-19. Heading into this new national lockdown and towards Christmas, it remains vital that families focus on reducing conflict to protect children’s wellbeing.

To enable people who may otherwise struggle to access good quality legal advice, Silk Family Law partner Harriet Reid is offering free consultations during Good Divorce Week 2020.


“During my thirty years as a family lawyer, I have seen too often the long-lasting and deep-rooted effects that acrimonious divorces can have on children,” says Harriet. “Sometimes the parent and child relationship is fractured so badly that it can take years to heal or is occasionally irreversibly damaged. The effects can carry into adulthood and affect the child’s own future relationships.

“As a Resolution-accredited family lawyer, I am committed to its code of practice that promotes a constructive approach to family issues considering the whole family’s needs. This commitment includes helping my clients to understand and manage the long term financial and emotional consequences of decisions, and encouraging them to consider the impact of decisions on their children. I am trained in ways to reduce or manage conflict and confrontation, and try to listen to and treat everyone with respect and without judgement. Honesty, integrity and objectivity are the core values that underpin the Resolution approach.

“A ‘good divorce’ is achievable if individuals commit to working together to achieve agreement and prioritise their children’s welfare. I believe everyone should be able to access specialist legal advice to help them achieve this.

“For this reason, I am offering some free 30-minute appointments to discuss matters arising from relationship breakdown to those seeking guidance during Good Divorce Week.”

To book a free 30-minute phone or video appointment with Harriet between Monday 30th November and Friday 4th December, call 01748 900 888 or email Appointments are first come, first served.

Silk Family Law partner Harriet Reid is a specialist family lawyer with extensive experience in complex and substantial finance cases, particularly involving family businesses and farms, inherited and preowned assets. She is renowned for dealing with difficult children issues including those with an international dimension and with local authority involvement.